What is your process?

Before we refer a candidate to a client, we meet with them face-to-face, administer skill tests, and thoroughly check professional references to ensure they meet our clients’ standards for performance and culture fit.

What makes you different than other services?

At Hire Options, we approach our business with a personal touch. Our dedicated consultants build lasting relationships with our clients, develop candidates’ skills, and use these perspectives to make ideal matches between the two parties.

How do you find your candidates?

Candidate and client referrals comprise the majority of our talent pool.

How long have you been in business?

We formed under the name Legal Option Group in 1997, added Corporate Option Group in 2014 and re-branded in 2018 as Hire Options Inc. to unify both branches of our business under a succinct name.

How do we know you have our best interests in mind?

We'll continue to recruit candidates until a client finds just the right person for their needs. We seek individuals who are dedicated to their work and display integrity at all times. Our consultants value your feedback and will use it to best inform our referrals to your company. We are "big picture" people who recognize earning your trust is vital to our business model.


Is there a fee for working with your recruiters?


Will you help me with my resume?

Absolutely! Head to our Future Hires page and submit your resume, in the Notes section put "Reformat resume request."

What is the process to sign up with Hire Options?

Please review & apply to our available positions here or send your resume to resume@hireoptions.com ensuring your resume is attached. All candidates are invited to a Zoom meeting with a recruitment manager to discuss possible long-term and short-term career opportunities. Next, you'll be tested on applicable skills, such as Microsoft Office applications, typing, and sector-specific knowledge. With this information in mind, we conduct extensive, personalized outreach to our clients so that we may find the best possible match for each individual.

How are you different than other agencies?

Hire Options approaches each candidate's job search with a "personal touch." We strive to understand your background, motivations, and goals to best inform our outreach on your behalf. As your job search progresses, your consultant will remain dedicated to your professional development with interview coaching, resume maintenance, and constructive feedback.

Can I trust that my search will be confidential?

We understand how sensitive and personal an active job search can be. We pride ourselves on trustworthiness and we will always keep your search confidential until you accept a new opportunity.

Is there a testing process?

We test individuals on Microsoft Office applications, typing speed and accuracy, and sector-specific legal knowledge. The consultant and candidate will decide which tests are appropriate based on the types of job opportunities they will pursue.

How can I be sure you have my best interests in mind?

Helping candidates achieve their professional goals is our highest priority. We take great care to maintain a positive industry reputation, built on honesty and integrity. Finding you a truly exceptional career opportunity is the ultimate measure of success.

Hire Options candidates are never pressured into taking a career opportunity unless it is truly the right position for them. Our goal is to find a placement that fits your schedule, working style, and cultural preferences. When we meet this criteria, everyone is happy - from candidate to client to consultant. We seek to present you with various opportunities so that together, we can figure out what best suits your background, skill set and lifestyle.

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