Welcome to cautionary tales.

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or searching for a new job after spending a long time at one company, interviewing can be nerve racking and difficult. Our team has compiled a list of past, present, and maybe even some future tales that could arise and how to best combat them.

If it's in person or a video call

Try on your business attire as soon as the interview is scheduled. Sometimes our lucky shirt doesn't fit us anymore and that is something we want to know with time to spare, not an hour before the interview! (We have seen pants split and buttons pop off)

We love our pets too

But let's make sure they do not join during our interview, on screen or off (yes even your rooster in the backyard).

Don't overshare

From interviews to landing the job - you can be friendly but they are not your friends, they are your coworkers. Remember less is more. 

Blur your background

ALWAYS blur your background on calls - especially when you work from home. No one needs to see your dirty laundry or wine glass from last night.

Be available if you're working from home

Work from home is a wonderful option that some employers offer, it is not a day to schedule your workout classes and nail appointments and be unreachable.

Honesty is the best policy

Never lie about an ill family member to get out of work. (we have seen this end in termination).

Casual Fridays

Just because it is a casual Friday does not mean we forget we are in an office. Flip-flops and baseball caps should be saved for your beach day! 

Always communicate

Sometimes when we get to the office on our first day - it's not exactly what we pictured. Our desk might not be located in the perfect corner we envisioned, instead of getting up and quitting within hours of being there (yes we have seen this happen) talk to your recruiter or current manager and talk things out. Communication is always key! 

No cash

Getting an interview and securing a job is so exciting! Sometimes we want to show how thankful we are to our recruiter or our future employer. In this case we always recommend a meaningful note or small token but NEVER should you send cash. Flowers, chocolates, or another small gift are acceptable options.

LinkedIn profiles

As you actively apply for positions, your LinkedIn profile will be looked at. Make sure you have a professional photo and your resume and LinkedIn profile are an exact match. Double check job titles, start dates, end dates, companies and degrees are all a perfect match. Inconsistencies have lost candidates the job offer.

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