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Breakdown: Working with a Recruiter

Breakdown: Working with a Recruiter

One question I hear a lot is, “What does it mean to work with an Agency and a Recruiter?” Trust me; this is a totally valid question. Before working as a Recruiter, I didn’t even know that this profession existed! So I am here to break it all down, once and for all. Full disclosure…yes, I am a Recruiter and yes, I work for a staffing agency.

I have worked in this industry for about four years and have noticed that many of my candidates have never worked with an agency. That could be because they just graduated college, they have landed all of their jobs via word of mouth, or this is their first job search in years. But when it comes to searching for a new job, it’s always smart to have a Recruiter on your side.

While I always encourage candidates to continue looking through their own resources, why not also have another set of eyes searching on your behalf? After all, it doesn’t cost the candidate anything to work with an agency. And if you come across an agency that charges you a fee…run!

Recruiters work alongside companies to fill their job openings. That means that we work both on behalf of the client (company) and the candidate (job seeker) to make long-term placements. Typically when you work with an agency, you are working with a specific Recruiter. That Recruiter advocates on your behalf, and should be your go-to person for your job search.

Some of the benefits of working with a Recruiter include access to exclusive job openings, resume revisions (when necessary), assistance with salary negotiations, interview preparation, and of course, the hassle-free joy of having someone set-up interviews on your behalf. Your Recruiter should have a good sense of your job search, and will tell you about positions that match your skillset, salary expectations, location preferences, etc. I cannot speak on behalf of all agencies, but here at Legal Option Group Inc/Corporate Option Group, we never mass e-mail or flood you with calls. We are a boutique staffing firm, and we don’t work off of quotas, so that means that the jobs we tell our candidates about actually are relevant to their job search.

Through LOGCOG there is never any pressure to interview for a job (or accept a job) that you’re just not that interested in. But if you get a job offer through us, we’ll help you navigate through the details and benefits. If you decide to accept, you would become an employee of that company (and celebrations would be in order!) And of course, we will always be here as a resource while you navigate through your new job.

So there you have it…a breakdown of what it’s like to work with a Recruiter! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Rebekah Santos, Direct Hire Consultant


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